WIAW-Trying other blog recipes

Merry Christmas Eve! Are you ready for all of the festivities to begin?

These past few days have been a whirlwind and I cannot believe that Christmas is tomorrow.

Yesterday was a pretty good day of eats. I have been working on getting more variety into my diet and trying to break the habit that I have or eating the same things Every.Single.Day. I did fairly well yesterday. On to the eats….



I started the day off with a nice and comforting breakfast. I made Amanda’s gingerbread pancakes. The only changes I made were substituting applesauce for the banana and omitting the chocolate chips because I am not a fan of them in my pancakes. I know. Craziness.
The pancakes were really good (like all of Amanda’s recipes), except I don’t think they can be eaten without syrup. The greek yogurt can be tasted, so the sweetness of the syrup is a MUST.




I never know what to eat for lunch. I am not one for waiting an hour while something cooks, so I usually need something quick and easy. When I am hungry, I am hungry now.
I made Angela’s Tortilla Soup (from the Oh She Glows cookbook) for dinner last week, and pulled some of the leftovers out the freezer for a quick and delicious lunch. I topped mine with tortilla strips and green onions.





We went out for pizza with some friends as an early Christmas celebration. I ordered a mini veggie pizza, but ate the entire thing before realizing that I forgot to take a picture. Whoops.
Afterwards, we went bowling. I haven’t bowled in FOREVER and man am I awful. Oh well. It was fun anyways ūüôā

There were lots of snacks involved in yesterdays eats as well, but those were eaten so fast that pictures were not involved. Sorry. I really need to get better at that. New Years Resolution perhaps?

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Enjoy your loved ones and eat some good food.

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WIAW- Because I like carbs

I like carbs. Some of my favorite things to eat include bagels, muffins, fruit, vegetables, and frozen yogurt. All of those things are mostly carbs. Some days I embrace it, while other days I try to even myself out with other nutrients. Yesterday, I embraced it.


Wheat bagel

Wheat bagel

Bagels with an [unpictured] smoothie

I LOVE bagels. Not just any bagels though. I like one specific bagel from one specific store. Any other bagel I could take or leave, but these….YUM! I am not sure what it is with them, but somedays, I just need to have one.



Chicken-less noodle soup

This was leftovers from Monday night. Soup is always so comforting and warming. ‘Tis the season, it finally feels like fall down here.



Baked ziti with garlic bread and brussels sprouts

I am not a pasta lover. It never satisfies me or interests me, but sometimes, it gets the job done. Its easy and quick. Dinner was served.


I ate a million and one snacks yesterday, but this is the one that stood out.

IMG_0402 copy

Amanda’s snickerdoodle donut holes

My picture does not do them justice, so be sure to check her amazing photography out, but these were good. I ended up needing extra sugar coating though. Oops.

Yay for carbs. Embrace them and let the days balance out.

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Do you have carb heavy days?

Whats your favorite carb?

WIAW- Before

Over the past few years, I have completely changed my eating habits. In the past, I only worried about calorie counts. The lowest calorie option was always the best option, no matter what it was. I thought this was definition of healthy. Low calorie foods, chemicals and all had to be good for you right?

I was SOOO wrong. After going through nutrition counseling and taking a few nutrition courses to educate myself, I have found a new definition of healthy. One that does not rely on calorie counts.

In the past, calories were all that mattered to me. No matter how processed the foods were, if they were low calorie, they equated to healthy in my eyes. This led to me eating tons of artificial and chemically foods that definitely did not make me feel my best. Not to mention I was not getting adequate amounts of calories either.

100 calorie packs and artificially sweetened foods were my go to choices. Meals consisted of salads dressed with non fat dressing, and not much other substance.

My diet was severely lacking in nutritional value and my body was definitely suffering.

It took me a few years to figure out that this was not “healthy”. Healthy is eating whole and nourishing foods with the occasional treat every so often (but more often than not!). Healthy is not eating the least amount of calories you possibly can.

Eating only low calorie foods will not give you adequate nutrition. In fact, most of those foods are laced with chemicals and unheard of ingredients. You are usually better off eating the real thing anyways!

Instead of focusing solely on calories, focus on eating REAL food–> fruits, vegetables, beans, whole grains, etc. Your body will thank you, and so will your taste buds.

After stopping eating processed snacks, when you do finally go back and eat one, you realize truly how terrible many of them taste.

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Because It’s Fall

Fall is officially starting to come around in these parts. While it has technically been Fall for around 3 weeks, it sure has not felt like it around here. The weather has been in the high 80’s and 90’s, with sun shining bright. Tough life. I know.

But, this week has felt Fallish. The mornings are grey and the temperature has not broken 80 degrees. A few weeks ago, I only wanted cold foods, but I have since moved on to all the warming fall flavors.

Pumpkin everything has shown up in my house…and in my belly.


Pumpkin protein muffins. I bought a new cellucor protein powder a few months ago and have been experimenting baking with it.


Pumpkin protein bakes also appear very often


Hot drinks from Starbucks. Birthday drinks make them extra special. It is mandatory to order something super expensive…because, its free after all


Pumpkin cupcakes left over from my mom’s birthday

Apple has already made an appearance in my diet lately.


Apple muffins that I freeze and take out when the craving hits.


Apple crisps that satisfy me for a night dessert.

There was a time in my life where eating these things would have been off limits. Fall was a time of stress for me because I felt like I had to restrict during the day in order to eat something “bad” later on.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. There are ways to make healthier treats and yummy foods. And for the foods that may not be as nourishing, thats ok too. Sure, it might not be a good idea to eat cake, cookies, and muffins at every meal, but once in a while is PERFECTLY FINE.

Give yourself a break once in a while. Allow yourself to enjoy life.

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WIAW- Randomness

It’s Wednesday! We are half way through the week. The weekend is almost here.

This week, my food was all over the place. No theme anywhere in sight over here. I am still getting into the swing of things with my school schedule, so more meals and snacks were eaten out than normal. It also seemed that I ate more snack foods than actual meals because of the weird times I had breaks in my schedule.

On to the food….

Wheat bagel

Wheat bagel

My mom brought home a dozen bagels from the local bagel store, so I toasted one of those up for breakfast to take with my on my way to school. I used to eat a bagel EVERY morning, but have not had one in a few weeks. I have missed them!

Jamba Juice Caribbean Passion smoothie

Jamba Juice Caribbean Passion smoothie

My school has a Jamba Juice on campus, which is very convenient. Whenever I need a quick snack, I get a smoothie. It is better than a bag of chips or a cookie.

Lunches have not really been the best lately. I have had a lot of the bowls I mentioned last week.


photo 2 copy 2

photo 3 copy 3

photo 4

photo 5


My sister is down this week from Oregon, so we went to a Japanese teppan restaurant for dinner one night. We all had something different, but I ordered vegetable sushi rolls first. For my entree I had grilled tofu, vegetables and fried rice. My dad even enjoyed the tofu with some of his salmon. This meal was not the healthiest, but it was definitely good. Sometimes, it is ok to indulge.

photo 3

We also enjoyed pizza one night from a local take out place. After a long day at the beach, the last thing anyone wanted to do was cook. I do not eat pizza very often, but once in a while when we have guests, it is convenient.

photo 1

I just got a vegetable spiralizer last week, so we put it to good use with zucchini noodles and homemade marinara sauce. It turned out really well paired with some garlic bread.

Overall, my meals were things I don’t normally eat. Sometimes change is a good thing.

What was the best thing you ate this week?

Do you eat out more when you have company?

WIAW- Back to School

Summer is officially over. No more lazy days at home, or lounging at the beach.¬†Sigh. ūüė¶

I have never done a What I Ate Wednesday post before, and sometimes I am not the biggest fan of them. I think they lead to comparison and competition in some cases, which defeats the purpose. Other times though, they give some good insight into new food ideas and new meals to try. This is what I hope to achieve. While I do not want to showcase everything I ate in a particular day, I would like to show some of the things that I can been consuming. Especially since school is back in action, my meals and snacks are going to get a lot more portable and easier to make.

Happy hump day/ WIAW!

P.S. My pictures are less than stellar. They are taken with an IPhone, and I am no photographer.

photo copy 4

I love the Multigrain hot cereal from Trader Joes. It is a little bit more interesting than just regular oats, and is easy to make. Some mornings I get more creative and use oats, oat bran, and coconut flour. It makes a fluffy and cake like texture. I will have to share the recipe for that soon.

Other days when I am not feeling the whole oatmeal thing, I grab a bagel from school. I usually get a wheat bagel and munch on that during class time.

photo 2 copy

photo 4 copy 2


Veggie and Grain bowl

These bowls come in packs of three and are super good. I am not usually one to eat prepackaged meals, but these taste good and fresh. They are a little higher in sodium than I like, but they are convenient. I usually steam some fresh broccoli and mix that in with them as well. The bowls themselves contain vegetables, quinoa, black beans, hummus, and rice. They have adequate protein and are filling.


Dinners have been all over the place lately. They have been snacky than normal and nothing fun to look at or share. Maybe next week I will get more creative….


apples and peanut butter

apples and peanut butter

I LOVE apples and peanut butter. (Yes, that is a paper plate. I am not always the classiest) I go through spurts of which apples I like the best. Right now, I am all about Jazz apples. They are so crunchy and juicy. They have just the right amount of tartness without making my lips pucker. Last week I was loving Gala apples and some time before that it was Pink Lady. If they are crunchy and full of flavor‚ĶI’m all over them!

Frozen yogurt:

I tried to take a picture, but I ate most of it before I got anything decent. Fail. I am addicted to frozen yogurt. It is kind of a problem. My wallet is suffering. Although it isn’t the healthiest thing for you, there are far worse things to eat. As for now, I treat myself.

I tend to eat a pretty routine diet. Not much changes from day to day. I eat pretty basic for a while and then change things up once I get sick of them. It works for me. For other people, this wouldn’t be ideal, but I am fine with it.

What are your favorite apples?

Do you eat the same everyday, or do you change it up?