Thursday Thoughts- Its Christmas Time!

I have one more full week left of school, before finals week, and I couldn’t be more excited…except for the finals part. Can we just skip over those? Yes. Ok good. Moving on.

Thanksgiving is over [and I forgot to take any food pictures. GASP!] and now it is all things Christmas. My family is HUGE on Christmas, so, tons of decorations are a must.

1. We put our tree up this week, which is my absolute favorite! I love having it all lit up at night with all of the colorful lights. Ahhhh. So fun.


2. It finally rained this week. Like a lot. I don’t like rain. Well, it’s fine when I can cuddle up with some hot chocolate and a movie, but not when I need to look presentable and spend  a full day of school. I had to do a huge presentation yesterday, and I looked like a wet dog, because I seem to think I am above mother nature and immune to getting wet. I was wrong. Fail.  We need rain though. A lot of rain. Here in Californialand, we have a huge drought, so it was okay this time. But now I’m over it again, so I hope today is the last day.




3. I really want a DSLR camera for Christmas, so I have been crazily searching for good deals on them. Best Buy had one on black friday, so I had the intention to wait in line on Thanksgiving day to be there when they opened at 5pm. My mom wasn’t so thrilled with that idea, because she doesn’t agree with stores being open on Thanksgiving. I mean, I agree with that, but its a sale, so…. 🙂 I ended up waking up at 3am on Thanksgiving morning to order it online. It worked and I got it. Problem solved.

4. I cannot wait for this semester to end. December 19 cannot come soon enough. I contemplated not going to the last two weeks of class and just showing up for finals. Sounds like a good plan right? Jay. Kay. Well maybe…

Happy Thursday. The weekend is so very close.
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So I tried Quest bars…

So… school started today. It was a LONG day.

When I was registering for classes, I thought it was a SUPER good idea to try and plan all 5 of my classes in two days. Yeah. I know. I realized my mistake today, when I actually had to live it out. I will be spending 10 hours at school for this semester. I guess it is only two days a week. I will be ecstatic tomorrow when I don’t have school. At all. On a Wednesday. What?!?! YESSSSS!!!

Anyways, my bank account tanked this weekend

I bought my books for school yesterday and dropped a small fortune. That on top of my atrocious tuition. OH MY GOODNESS! We won’t dwell on that though. I’ve already shed more than enough tears.

photo copy 3


Those are only half of them. I am still waiting for the rest to arrive. Joy.

Since I am at school All. Day Long. I have to find snacks and food that can easily be taken. I am not used to eating portable snacks, since I normally make my food at home or at least have a microwave when I worked. This is a change for me.

I see people eating Quest bars everywhere! I figured I would give them a try since they are full of protein and easy to grab and eat. I bought a box of the Cookies and Cream flavor the other day. Those things are not cheap! Geez.

I am not a fan. Maybe I need to try them warmed or made into cookies or something, but they were a waste of my $36 so far. They were tough and hard to chew. They were kind of chalky and tasted nothing like cookies and cream. I tried one of the cookie dough flavored ones sometime last year, and don’t remember if I liked it or not. I ate that one out of desperation, so I probably didn’t really even taste it. I am going to have to find a new snack to take with me. 

I was really upset at first that I didn’t like them. I wanted to like them so bad. All of the other people who are super fit and “healthy” eat them. I SHOULD like them.

After thinking these thoughts for a few minutes, I realized how silly that was. I didn’t like them. Why waste my time eating something that isn’t satisfying? There are so many other options.

This was just another reminder that I am my own person. I do not need to follow what others do. I need to do what makes me happy.

That was my lesson for the day.

Have a good night!

Any recipes for Quest bars? How do you eat them?