WIAW-Trying other blog recipes

Merry Christmas Eve! Are you ready for all of the festivities to begin?

These past few days have been a whirlwind and I cannot believe that Christmas is tomorrow.

Yesterday was a pretty good day of eats. I have been working on getting more variety into my diet and trying to break the habit that I have or eating the same things Every.Single.Day. I did fairly well yesterday. On to the eats….



I started the day off with a nice and comforting breakfast. I made Amanda’s gingerbread pancakes. The only changes I made were substituting applesauce for the banana and omitting the chocolate chips because I am not a fan of them in my pancakes. I know. Craziness.
The pancakes were really good (like all of Amanda’s recipes), except I don’t think they can be eaten without syrup. The greek yogurt can be tasted, so the sweetness of the syrup is a MUST.




I never know what to eat for lunch. I am not one for waiting an hour while something cooks, so I usually need something quick and easy. When I am hungry, I am hungry now.
I made Angela’s Tortilla Soup (from the Oh She Glows cookbook) for dinner last week, and pulled some of the leftovers out the freezer for a quick and delicious lunch. I topped mine with tortilla strips and green onions.





We went out for pizza with some friends as an early Christmas celebration. I ordered a mini veggie pizza, but ate the entire thing before realizing that I forgot to take a picture. Whoops.
Afterwards, we went bowling. I haven’t bowled in FOREVER and man am I awful. Oh well. It was fun anyways ūüôā

There were lots of snacks involved in yesterdays eats as well, but those were eaten so fast that pictures were not involved. Sorry. I really need to get better at that. New Years Resolution perhaps?

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Enjoy your loved ones and eat some good food.

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WIAW- My Thanksgiving menu

I cannot believe Thanksgiving is tomorrow. It seems as if just yesterday was Halloween.

Thanksgiving is a very stressful holiday for me.
1. It’s food centered.
2. It’s meat centered
3. It involves a lot of people.

Last year, I didn’t plan anything in advance and then figured out when it was time to eat that my options were pie, mashed potatoes, salad, and rolls. Ummmmm yeah. It wasn’t the best situation. My family tends to enjoy their meat on this holiday and want to put meat in EVERYTHING.

Bacon in the green beans. Turkey broth in the stuffing. Turkey drippings in the gravy…

So this year, I am more than ready. Instead of focusing on the anxiety it might cause me, I have learned to plan ahead.

What will be on my Thanksgiving plate:


Banana Streusel Muffins

Cauliflower steak with Mushroom Gravy from Vegan Richa

Simple vegan stuffing from Minimalist Baker

Thanksgiving Loaf from Fat Free vegan

Mashed cauliflower from Detoxinista

We will be having a lot of family over for Thanksgiving day, so it will be a full day of cooking and eating.

Happy [early] Thanksgiving!

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Banana Streusel Muffins

A non-pumpkin recipe‚Ķ in the middle of November? I know, I know. It’s slight craziness. Do not be disappointed though. These banana streusel muffins do not disappoint.


Now, normally I am pumpkin all the way. Bread, pancakes, muffins, donuts, etc. I want all the pumpkin I can get my hands on. Until, I run out of cans of pumpkin. And I am too lazy to go buy some more. But I want some muffins. Oh, the dilemma!

But then, to my surprise, two way overripe bananas are sitting on the counter. You see, I do not eat overripe bananas. If they have the slightest hint of brown on them, there is no way I will be the one to consume them. Unless, they are in baked good form. Then I am game!

So, with my lack of pumpkin, and overly brown bananas, these muffins were born. And they sure did satisfy.

They are perfectly fluffy with big round tops, and a crunchy brown sugar topping that puts them over the edge. They are also made partly with wheat flour to give them some extra fiber. Because of the sweetness of the banana, and the addition of applesauce, not much added sugar is necessary. Hooray for healthier baked goods, that take care of any cravings you might have. These are definitely a winner!


Banana Streusel Muffins:
adapted from Damn Delicious
-1 cup all purpose flour
-1 cup white whole wheat flour
-1/4-/1/3 cup sugar (depending on your desired sweetness)
-1.5-2 teaspoons cinnamon (depending on how spicy you like)
-0.5 teaspoon nutmeg
-1 teaspoon baking powder
-1 teaspoon baking soda
-0.25 teaspoon salt
-2 large very ripe bananas
-0.5 cup applesauce
-2 eggs
-2 teaspoons vanilla extract

Streusel Topping:
0.25 cups flour
0.25 cups brown sugar
2 teaspoons cinnamon
2 tablespoons butter (I believe coconut oil would work as well)

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Line a jumbo muffin pan with 6 liners. A standard 12 size muffin pan would work as well.
2. Prepare the streusel topping by by combining all streusel ingredients in a small and working together with a fork or your hands to make sure butter is incorporated.
3. In a large bowl, combine flour, sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, baking powder, baking soda and salt.
4. In another bowl mix together the banana, applesauce, eggs, and banana.
5. Combine wet ingredients with the dry and stir until just combined. Do not over mix.
6. Scoop batter into muffin pan and sprinkle streusel over top. Use fingers to press gently into batter to make sure it sticks.
7. Bake in oven for 25-20 minutes for jumbo sized. Baking time will be less for standard size muffins.
8. Remove from oven and allow to cool.

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WIAW- Because I like carbs

I like carbs. Some of my favorite things to eat include bagels, muffins, fruit, vegetables, and frozen yogurt. All of those things are mostly carbs. Some days I embrace it, while other days I try to even myself out with other nutrients. Yesterday, I embraced it.


Wheat bagel

Wheat bagel

Bagels with an [unpictured] smoothie

I LOVE bagels. Not just any bagels though. I like one specific bagel from one specific store. Any other bagel I could take or leave, but these….YUM! I am not sure what it is with them, but somedays, I just need to have one.



Chicken-less noodle soup

This was leftovers from Monday night. Soup is always so comforting and warming. ‘Tis the season, it finally feels like fall down here.



Baked ziti with garlic bread and brussels sprouts

I am not a pasta lover. It never satisfies me or interests me, but sometimes, it gets the job done. Its easy and quick. Dinner was served.


I ate a million and one snacks yesterday, but this is the one that stood out.

IMG_0402 copy

Amanda’s snickerdoodle donut holes

My picture does not do them justice, so be sure to check her amazing photography out, but these were good. I ended up needing extra sugar coating though. Oops.

Yay for carbs. Embrace them and let the days balance out.

Happy Wednesday. Check out the other links.

Do you have carb heavy days?

Whats your favorite carb?

WIAW- Just because I should

There are certain foods that you eat because they taste good–they make your heart happy, your taste buds dance, and your happiness soar. Like pizza, brownies, frozen yogurt, etc.

Then there are foods you eat because they are good for your body. They make your tummy happy, your hair sparkle, your nails strong, your eyes bright, etc.

And, there are foods that you think you should eat. Foods that you don’t particularly like. Foods that might be, so called healthy, but ones that also make you want to gag and are really hard for you to get down. But you SHOULD be eating them, so you have to like them right?. Wrong.

After I started to mend my relationship with food, I started researching powerhouse foods and foods that everyone should be eating for optimal health. I tried to include most of them in my diet, no matter how much or how little I liked them.

This did not help mend my food relationship. I am all for trying new things and incorporating variety into ones diet, but I do not think it is necessary to eat foods you don’t necessarily like just because somebody said they will make you a superhuman.

For example, I REALLY want to like sweet potatoes. They are all the rage in the blogging world, and have tons of nutrients that white potatoes don’t. But‚ĶI don’t like them. I have tried them roasted, mashed, as fries, sweet, savory, and everything in between. They don’t do anything for my taste buds, and quite honestly are very hard for me to get down. The same goes for butternut squash. Nope. Not happening over here. Pumpkin on the other hand is something I LOVEEEE. So, instead of forcing myself to eat something that doesn’t make me happy or satisfied, I replace with something that has somewhat of the same nutritional value to it.

Blueberries are another food I cannot stand to eat….plain. I solve this problem by incorporating them into other foods. Muffins, pancakes, waffles, smoothies, etc. There is just something about the texture of a fresh blueberry that makes me irk inside. Because I know they have so many health benefits, I try to incorporate them. Just in other ways.

Fish is also supposed to be a superfood that all experts say you need. Since I don’t eat fish, I used to think I would just miss out on those nutrients. Thats not true. Nuts and seeds have omegas just like fish does as well as healthy oils and avocados.

Instead of eating a food because the trend (blogging world, celebrities, magazines, etc.) tell you to follow, eat based on what you feel like, while also keeping in mind what makes your body happy as well. Of course, it might be nice to eat pizza and ice cream for every meal, but that wouldn’t make our stomachs all that happy, even though our taste buds might think it was okay.

There are tons of different ways to get nutrients. One food is not the end all be all. If you find one thing doesn’t really do it for you, try something else with similar benefits. Listen to your body instead of everyone else.

Have a great rest of the day.

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Ever since the time change last weekend, I have woken up to a sunrise instead of pitch black darkness. It is spectacular in the morning, but not so ideal at night when I am driving home. This whole getting dark at 5:30 is throwing me all off balance…as well as my meals.

My appetite is all out of whack, and I am going to blame it on this time change thing. What is so bad about leaving the time alone? My body would greatly appreciate it.

Anyways, on to the food:



Oatmeal parfait-pumkin oatmeal, greek yogurt, and graham cracker crumbs.

For some reason, I have not joined the whole flavored oat craze. I like my oats plain and simple, no flavorings, no toppings. This parfait was my 1,000,0001 try at getting myself to like flavored oats, and I still am loving the plain version more.



Roasted brussel sprouts along a [unpictured] smoothie. Lunches at school are especially hard because I have almost no breaks in between classes, so I grab what I can when I have time. Whatever works right?



Banana applesauce muffin. This was GOOD!


Jackfruit tacos


I finally got on the latest kitchen craze to drape your tortillas over the oven racks to create healthy shells. It was a success. I will definitely be using this method in the future.

IMG_0390 IMG_0392 IMG_0393

My family is Mexican food obsessed, so they will try anything out of the ordinary in Mexican flavored form. These tacos turned out great! This is the  second meal I have created using jackfruit and both were better than expected.

What was the best thing you ate this week?

Are you still living off of Halloween candy?

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WIAW- Feels More Like Fall

Happy Wednesday!

Remember when last week I talked about the massive heat wave we were having in Southern California, and cold foods were all I wanted? Well, this week I have moved back into the hotter food front…even though it is still 93 degrees here today. At least the mornings dropped below 70 degrees.

On to the food:


pumpkin protein pancakes

pumpkin protein pancakes

I tried a million and one recipes for pancakes this week trying to find one that I liked. A few of them were complete fails (although I ate them anyways) while the other ones were just ok. I wasn’t on the hunt for an OK pancake. I wanted a GOOD one. This particular recipe was spot on. I even got to utilize my new Cellucor protein powder.


I am still eating the quinoa and hummus veggie bowls I mentioned earlier when I have the time to make them. Otherwise, I eat on the go when I am at school and pick up random snacks.



I made a vegan shepherd’s pie using vegan ground meat, green beans, tomato soup, and then layered with mashed potatoes on top. It will definitely be made again.


FullSizeRender copy 3

Honey crisp apples have been all the rage at my house this week. While they are on the more expensive side for apples compared to Gala and other apples, they are SO good right now. Crisp, crunchy, and full of flavor.

FullSizeRender copy

This pumpkin breakfast bake from Amanda is SO good! I have made it twice so far and topped one of them with vanilla ice cream. UNREAL!


Peanut butter cup shakes have also made their way into my mouth this week. Super easy and refreshing, as well as satisfying.

What was the best thing you ate this week?

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