WIAW- Halloween Tradition

Happy Wednesday. For some reason, I am all off balance this week. I keep thinking Friday is tomorrow, and then get disappointed that its not. 2 more days…

Anyways, Halloween is Friday! Although I am beyond my trick-or-treating years, my family does still have a few traditions that I look forward to.

One of them is to always cook some sort of soup and have grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner. In fact, it became such a well known tradition, that the neighbors even expect to come over now. Its like one big party…

This year, we will be making chili. With cornbread. Lots of cornbread. I could just eat the cornbread and leave the chili. Is that bad? because…carbs, carbs, and more carbs 🙂

Eating a nice, hearty dinner is also a plus because it makes you fuller and less likely to eat the entire bag of candy. Maybe half, but not the WHOLE thing. 🙂 Sitting down with an entire bag of candy on an empty stomach is setting yourself up for failure in a sense.

After dinner, we sit out in the driveway and hand out candy to the kids….if we have any candy left by that time! Whoops. I love seeing all of the costumes and hanging out outside.

Here are some of the chili recipes we are considering.

Chocolate Covered Katie’s Vegetarian Chili

Oh She Glows Vegan Chili

Damn Delicious Quinoa Chili

I love chili because it so customizable. If you are not fond of vegetarian options, it is easy to add ground turkey or beef to most chili recipes.

What are some of your favorite chili recipes?

Are you dressing up?

Do you have any Halloween traditions?

Check out what everyone else is eating!


4 thoughts on “WIAW- Halloween Tradition

  1. That is such a cute tradition. I love chili, so I want to come over to your house. I love halloween. My roommate and I are dressing up as Beanie Babies. I really wanted to be the energizer bunny, but I didn’t have time to make the drum. Anyways my halloween tradition is just to eat tons of candy lol


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