WIAW- Before

Over the past few years, I have completely changed my eating habits. In the past, I only worried about calorie counts. The lowest calorie option was always the best option, no matter what it was. I thought this was definition of healthy. Low calorie foods, chemicals and all had to be good for you right?

I was SOOO wrong. After going through nutrition counseling and taking a few nutrition courses to educate myself, I have found a new definition of healthy. One that does not rely on calorie counts.

In the past, calories were all that mattered to me. No matter how processed the foods were, if they were low calorie, they equated to healthy in my eyes. This led to me eating tons of artificial and chemically foods that definitely did not make me feel my best. Not to mention I was not getting adequate amounts of calories either.

100 calorie packs and artificially sweetened foods were my go to choices. Meals consisted of salads dressed with non fat dressing, and not much other substance.

My diet was severely lacking in nutritional value and my body was definitely suffering.

It took me a few years to figure out that this was not “healthy”. Healthy is eating whole and nourishing foods with the occasional treat every so often (but more often than not!). Healthy is not eating the least amount of calories you possibly can.

Eating only low calorie foods will not give you adequate nutrition. In fact, most of those foods are laced with chemicals and unheard of ingredients. You are usually better off eating the real thing anyways!

Instead of focusing solely on calories, focus on eating REAL food–> fruits, vegetables, beans, whole grains, etc. Your body will thank you, and so will your taste buds.

After stopping eating processed snacks, when you do finally go back and eat one, you realize truly how terrible many of them taste.

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2 thoughts on “WIAW- Before

  1. I totally agree with eating nutrient dense foods!!! I follow a paleo + dairy way of eating, and everything I eat is chocked full of goodness from nature, not from a lab. I used to eat a lot of sugar and carbs, and would often have a sweet aftertaste in my mouth. Now, my perception of food has changed from rewarding myself then feeling guilty, to fueling properly and eating to speed up recovery from all my physical activity.

    Great post 🙂


    • Thank you! Thats great that you found what worked for you. I am definitely not perfect with my diet and enjoy sugar a little too much! haha but I have come a long way.


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