Thursday Thoughts- I Love….

Thinking-Out-Loud Thank you to Amanda for hosting. Check out all of the other thoughts.

1. I love my eyes for allowing me to see the sunrise/sunsets and the waves crashing on the shore.

2. I love my ears for allowing me to hear the birds chirping and the sounds of everything around me.

3. I love my nose for allowing me to smell all of the wonderful fall baking going on in my house. And my Bath and Body Works candles.

4. I love my lips for allowing me to talk. God knows I do enough of it.

5. I love my tongue for tasting all of the glorious things I eat.

6. I love my fingers for allowing my to type for hours on end.

7. I love my nails for allowing me to paint them all sorts of pretty colors.

8. I love my legs for being strong.

9. I love my feet for allowing me to walk for miles and miles.

10. I love my brain for allowing me to think.

11. I love each and every part of my body for just being a part of me.

Each and every day, I think of something that is wrong with me. I don’t have a flat stomach. My thighs are too thick. I have a blemish on my face. Etc, etc.

What I forget to do is thank my body for all that it provides. This is the only body that I will ever have, so instead of talk negatively, I should thank it.

Instead of waking up every morning and feeling bad about yourself, wake up and thank your body for everything it provides. You might find yourself more in awe than ashamed.

Happy Thursday. One more day until the weekend.


2 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts- I Love….

  1. Beautiful post, Shannon. It’s true that we spend so much time picking ourselves apart and focusing on the things we DON’T like, that we completely overlook how amazing our bodies truly are, and how many things they allow us to do. It’s sad that we don’t even usually notice until those things are gone. This is a message that we need to repeat over and over until it really sinks in.


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