We Pay Money For That?

My weekends during the fall season are spent watching some form of football. Even if I am not “watching” the game myself, it is on at some point in the week.

My dad is a HUGE football fan. No matter what age group or team is playing, he wants to watch. High school, college, professional, he watches it all.

I am not that die hard of a fan, but I did used to enjoy watching the game…..

Until, it became more about the money and business, and less about the sport. Sure, it probably always was this way, but it wasn’t as apparent. Salaries were not AS high as they are now for professional athletes, and scandals were not so prevalent.

My mind spins when I think about the recent mishaps going on with NFL and college football players.

Adrian Peterson, who used to be my dad’s absolute favorite player is now being charged for child abuse? He beats his son, who is 4 years old!, with a tree branch, and then claims that he didn’t think that was wrong?

And another player from the Cardinalsbeat his girlfriend.

And then the Ray Rice scandal…don’t even get me started on that one.

Besides the NFL though, college players are just as bad. The deemed best player last year was accused of rape, yet the girl was getting threats for reporting it because Florida State couldn’t lose their star player.

I love watching sports, and enjoy the team aspect of the game, but there comes a point where I question us as a society. Americans pay millions of dollars to support these players and teams, yet this is how they react.

There are some players that are still good citizens and human beings, but all too often in recent years, the league has been plagued by the bad.

Covergirl even put out a fake ad brining awareness to the domestic violence problem.

I often find myself shying away from football now because I don’t want to support something I don’t believe in.

According to a survey by Fox News, most Americans don’t really “care.”

What are your thoughts on professional sports?

Do the recent scandals draw up emotions for you?


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