WIAW-Heat Wave

Confession: I am horrible about taking pictures of my food. Sometime I get so super excited to eat (like after school) that I can’t get it into my mouth fast enough. Other time, I remember 30 seconds after I finish eating. #fail

So, Southern California is having a massive heat wave right now. Like 100 degrees every day for the past week. It’s pretty miserable. We went almost the entire summer without a day of 100 degree weather….and then this came. All this heat has been thinking about all of the cold food. We have been avoiding turning on the oven like crazy, so most meals have been throw it together type stuff. Here it goes:


photo 5-2

Left over protein pancakes that I took out of the freezer and ate cold with maple syrup. Pancakes cold aren’t half bad. I have also been enjoying fruit smoothies in the morning, but they haven’t been pretty so they are unpictured.


photo 2

Taco salad from Native Foods Cafe. I forgot to take a picture until I ate most of the toppings out of the salad and made a mess of it. Ooops. It originally had a bunch of vegetables, salsa, tempeh taco meat, and guacamole. SOOOO good!


photo 3

I went to Cheesecake Factory for my birthday and ordered the fresh vegetable salad. Again, I suck at the whole photography thing. Im working on it! This salad had asparagus, green beans, tomatoes, romaine, apples, edamame, beets, and an asian dressing. The dressing is one of my favorites.

photo 2

I also ordered my first legal drink… a glass of wine. I’ll get something more exciting this weekend.

photo 5

I also grilled some vegetables to go along with some tofu earlier in the week. Shish kabob style is my favorite!


photo 1

Arctic zero. I ate half the pint just out of the container and the other half mashed with some crumbled pumpkin muffins.

photo 4

Birthday ice cream from Baskin Robbins.

photo 4

Birthday sundae from Cheesecake Factory

photo 3

Protein fluff. I bought a container of Cellucor protein last week and have been trying to find recipes to incorporate it, but haven’t had much luck.

Do you have any protein powder recipes worth sharing?

I guess my week was heavy on the ice cream! 🙂

Check of what everyone else is eating today.


6 thoughts on “WIAW-Heat Wave

  1. We hope you’re surviving the heat, Shannon! We’re based in San Diego and it sure has been H-O-T! Love to hear a pint of Arctic Zero is able to help keep you cool during the last of summer though. P.S. pumpkin muffins?! YUM! Do you have a recipe?


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