Movie Reviews

Because I am studying environmental science, I am exposed to all sorts of heavy environmental and wildlife related issues. Some of them are very hard to hear about, and make me sick to my stomach in anger and fear, but without a doubt, it is a big passion of mine.

This semester, I am taking a course that requires us to watch a video every night and right a paper on it. I wasn’t super thrilled when I first found out about this (matter of fact, I was going to drop the class), but I have watched a few good movies in the past week that I probably wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

The Cove:

The Cove is a film about the dolphin slaughter in a small town in Japan. When I was told to watch this film, I immediately got angry and was going to skip out. Who wants to watch dolphins get slaughtered? After a few minutes of watching I was ready to turn the TV off and call it a night, but my sister was intrigued. We watched until the end and I am really glad that I did.

Activists from all different fields come together to film fishermen from Japan who kill thousands of dolphins brutally every year. Most of the Japanese claim they are unaware of this event, because it is so secretive. The film follows the activists through their journey trying to uncover the horrid practices and bring awareness to hopefully stop the event.

Overall, it was super interesting, but very sad. It brought an entirely different perspective to my life. It is eye opening to see the cruelty and secretive events that go on all around us on a daily basis.

Gorillas In The Mist

Gorillas In The Mist, is an older film that has been around for quite some time. It isn’t filmed documentary style like most activist films are, which makes it more appealing to the general public. It is a true story though, which makes it even more emotional.

It deals with the poaching of mountain gorillas in Africa. An anthropologist goes on assignment to study the gorillas and the poaching to try and get it to stop. She ends up adopting the lifestyle of the gorillas and never wanting to leave.

It is heartwarming to see the attachment that humans and animals can have if they go on the same playing field. It makes me sick to think that people kill these animals.

If you are at all interested in the environment or animals, or just simply like to know what goes on around the world, these are very good views!

On a happier note, I saw Dolphin Tale 2 this weekend. While it is also an environmental activism themed movie, it was definitely more light-hearted and uplifting. I also recommend this movie as well.

Happy movie watching!


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