Thinking Out Loud

It’s Thursday! The good thing is, is that it is Friday Eve. The bad thing is that I will be at school for 11 hours. Womp Womp.

So…Let’s get on with the thoughts.

1. I really have the urge to travel somewhere. Like anywhere. Just hop on a plane right this very second. Except I can’t. Bummer 😦 Anyone want to donate a plane ticket to me? That’d be really cool. In reality, I will just have to wait. But really, I NEED to go somewhere this year. It has been forever since I have been anywhere outside my little bubble of the west coast. Maybe some place in this article.


2. I forgot to wear my six inch heels and bring my Louis Vuitton purse to school yesterday. Isn’t that a high school thing? I thought we were all over that phase. But really… how do you walk around all day AT SCHOOL in those shoes? I don’t understand why they do it. I will stick to my flats. Thank you. And anyone want to lend me a Louis Vuitton? I will gladly take that off your hands shoulder.

3. I am obsessed with pilates. I have been going for the past year and get so excited for Wednesdays when the class is. I will have to share an at home pilates workout that I sometimes do on my own. It requires no equipment and provides great toning moves.

4. I cannot believe that it is September. It is my birthday month, so I am always excited, but I am nowhere near ready for fall. Although Southern California has summer pretty much year round, I am not ready for the holidays. Like at all.

5. I am ready for pumpkin. Bring on all of the pumpkin recipes. Bread, smoothies, fro-yo. GIMME.

6. I cannot get the new Taylor Swift song out of head. Here. Now you can get it stuck in yours. You’re welcome.

7. Tomorrow is Friday. I do not have school. My mom and sister are both off of work. It is going to be splendid. Also, one week down with school. 15 more to go. But who’s counting? 🙂
I might just end up here….



8. I have been trying to use IPhone emojis in every blog post, and there aren’t any. This needs to be fixed. How am I supposed to show my feelings and emotions? This is not okay. Although I just found this website, but that is too much work.


What are your weekend plans?

What is the best place you have travelled?

Favorite pumpkin recipe?



2 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud

  1. I refuse to listen to that Taylor Swift song — I’m sorry, but it really will get stuck in my head for the next 3 days. And I have NO idea how some girls managed to run around school all day with heels on their feet and a bag of books on their back. Ridiculous. I would probably kill myself trying to go up and down stairs…


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