So I tried Quest bars…

So… school started today. It was a LONG day.

When I was registering for classes, I thought it was a SUPER good idea to try and plan all 5 of my classes in two days. Yeah. I know. I realized my mistake today, when I actually had to live it out. I will be spending 10 hours at school for this semester. I guess it is only two days a week. I will be ecstatic tomorrow when I don’t have school. At all. On a Wednesday. What?!?! YESSSSS!!!

Anyways, my bank account tanked this weekend

I bought my books for school yesterday and dropped a small fortune. That on top of my atrocious tuition. OH MY GOODNESS! We won’t dwell on that though. I’ve already shed more than enough tears.

photo copy 3


Those are only half of them. I am still waiting for the rest to arrive. Joy.

Since I am at school All. Day Long. I have to find snacks and food that can easily be taken. I am not used to eating portable snacks, since I normally make my food at home or at least have a microwave when I worked. This is a change for me.

I see people eating Quest bars everywhere! I figured I would give them a try since they are full of protein and easy to grab and eat. I bought a box of the Cookies and Cream flavor the other day. Those things are not cheap! Geez.

I am not a fan. Maybe I need to try them warmed or made into cookies or something, but they were a waste of my $36 so far. They were tough and hard to chew. They were kind of chalky and tasted nothing like cookies and cream. I tried one of the cookie dough flavored ones sometime last year, and don’t remember if I liked it or not. I ate that one out of desperation, so I probably didn’t really even taste it. I am going to have to find a new snack to take with me. 

I was really upset at first that I didn’t like them. I wanted to like them so bad. All of the other people who are super fit and “healthy” eat them. I SHOULD like them.

After thinking these thoughts for a few minutes, I realized how silly that was. I didn’t like them. Why waste my time eating something that isn’t satisfying? There are so many other options.

This was just another reminder that I am my own person. I do not need to follow what others do. I need to do what makes me happy.

That was my lesson for the day.

Have a good night!

Any recipes for Quest bars? How do you eat them?


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