Sometimes It’s Okay….

Sometimes it’s okay

1. To be upset: I try to be as close to perfect as I can ALL THE TIME! It is hard. It is exhausting. It isn’t real. I am a people pleaser and always put other people before myself. When someone is in pain, I am there to help. When someone needs help, I am right by their side. Sometimes though, I am the one that needs the help. Relationships with others (friends, family, spouses, etc.) are hard. You are not going to get along with everyone all the time. Sometimes, you are allowed to be upset with someone. Do not allow other people to take advantage of you.

I used to allow people to walk all over me. I was always there to help, but when I needed help, certain people turned away. They became mean and nasty. I allowed it to happen. I would not allow myself to become upset. I deemed myself unworthy, and deserving of their cruel treatment. That was not okay.

It is okay to accept your emotions. It isn’t okay to be taken advantage of. If you allow yourself to feel upset sometimes when it is valid to be upset, you don’t stuff your feelings down inside of you. You allow yourself to get your emotions out and move on quicker.




Nothing is perfect. Allow yourself to accept the imperfections and move on.

2. To be afraid: Life is scary. There are many things that occur on a daily basis that are uncomfortable and not something we want to do.

After being underweight for SOOOO long, gaining weight was very scary. Every pound was a struggle and the world felt like it was ending. Now that I am at a healthy weight, the fear is different. I fear being overweight, eating too much, going too far. The fear is still there, yet I still manage to feed myself.

Fear is everywhere. I am starting my last year of college. I fear not being successful, not finding a good job, FAILING! I allow fear to consume my thoughts on some days. Fear is ok. What isn’t ok is allowing fear to take over. Being afraid is normal, but you have to conquer the fear. Do things you are afraid of until they are no longer scary. Push aside negative fearful thoughts and replace  them with rational thinking. Fear is only a feeling.

It is ALWAYS okay to be happy: I have not been truly happy in a long time. I did not allow myself to feel happiness for awhile because I didn’t think i deserved it. I was unworthy, undeserving, and worthless. These are all false. Everyone is worthy of happiness. I am a good person. Loyal, caring, hardworking. I allowed negativity to get the best of my thoughts, and positive ones became intrusive. It should be the opposite. I am learning to only accept the positive thoughts that bring me up. Things that bring me down are being pushed out. Happiness is deserved. Surround yourself with things that make you feel good, and happiness will no longer be a chore to achieve. It will be automatic.


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