It Starts Too Young!

My mom tells me stories all of the time about when she was young. Things were different back then. Maybe not for everyone, but her growing up life was much different than mine and most of the kids around me, and the ones I hear about.

Her childhood was filled with spending all days outside, due to lack of technology, fending for yourself when it came to food, and a lot less parental supervision. Maybe this wasn’t the norm, but it was a big change from now.


Another thing that has changed is society as a whole. People were a lot less wrapped up in material things and image. Maybe it was due to the lack of reality TV and less gossip magazines, or plastic surgery as an image enhancement, but people were different. They were less fake. 

I went on vacation this past weekend to Palm Springs. (Sorry for picture quality) Yes, I get excited for the windmills every time I drive by even though I have been past them about 1,645,312 times. 

photo 1 












It was less than 100 degrees most of the days, which is incredible weather for there. I was not used to the heat, considering I have a very narrow window of tolerable weather (below 60 I get hypothermia, above 85 i melt!), but I managed with the pool.

photo 2


I have a hard time accepting my new body. After being underweight severely for soooooo long, I am uncomfortable being average sized. I do not like wearing a bathing suit, and never wear anything tight or form fitting. The weekend was a struggle, but struggles are sometimes good.

As I was floating on my raft and reading my magazine, I overheard the very young girls beside me (around 10 years old) discussing weight, diets, and exercise. WHAT?!?! I did not even know anything about calories at that age. Instead of talking about what Polly Pocket doll or new pair of shoes they were getting, which is what was on my mind at that age, they were conversing about how many calories they eat, how many minutes they needed to swim to burn off calories, and body fat percentages. 

Kids are becoming obsessed with image at ridiculously young ages..way younger than ever before, and it is scary. Health is very important to me, but there is a fine line between health and obsessions. 

After struggling with an eating disorder for so long, I would never wish that on anyone else. Society needs to change its values and turn away from basing everything on image. Instead of basing opinions on looks, we should turn to personality. The most gorgeous people are sometimes the ugliest on the inside. Some less attractive people have the biggest hearts on the planet.

Instead of striving to be the skinniest, strive to be the healthiest, strongest, happiest. Self worth is not about your looks.

I struggle with this everyday, but keeping myself reminded helps in little ways.

Happy Sunday! Remember to shy away from focusing on image. Strive for health. 


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