The Mind is A Powerful Thing

I went to bed last night planning on going to hot yoga this morning, but when I woke up, my mind had other plans for me.

I bought a Groupon for a hot yoga studio a few weeks ago, and finally used it for the first time last Tuesday. I walked into the studio clearly terrified and unsure of what to expect. I have been to numerous yoga classes, but never yoga that included sauna like temperatures–sounds like lots of fun on paper. The instructor and other class participants reassured me and explained to me the benefits…also indicating “it really isn’t that hard.”

I walked into the room and laid down on my mat. It was not an unbearable temperature and I was pleased with myself for staying calm. When the instructor walked into the room and we started to get into the practice, she indicated that the heat and humidity was now going to turn on. “It is going to get REALLY hot!” I was terrified. Sweating is not something I like to do. Sure, I go to the gym and sweat, but nothing like the buckets that were running down every body in the room. I was dressed improperly, I did not have a water bottle (DO NOT forget that), and I was not prepared. It took every last bit of my determination and will power to just stay in the room and not go running out in to safety air conditioning!

After the class was over, and my body was dripping wet, I was pleased with myself. I got a good yoga practice in, and I overcame my mind challenging me. After I came home (and showered), I felt great. It was 80 min of pure torture, but it had great benefits.

This morning when I was having conversations with myself in my head, I talked myself out of going. I only remembered how hard it was to be in the room. I completely left out the benefits I felt afterward. Now that the class has already passed, I am upset that I missed out. I would have been fine had I gone, and conquered the fears my mind was making me think.

The mind is such a powerful thing. It makes people think in all sorts of crazy ways. There are so many false things that people believe and think, all because their mind got trained in some absurd way. Eating disorders, OCD, paranoia. They are all results of the mind.

When I was laying in bed this morning, I was thinking of all of the other ways I could spend my time INSTEAD of going to hot yoga. Yes, hot yoga is not my favorite thing to do, and I probably won’t renew my membership past my Groupon, but I am fully capable of going. My thoughts ranged from the pleasant weather outside, to sleeping in some more, or just watching TV. Anything but going to yoga.

After contemplating with myself for some time, I missed my chance to go. I instead went for a walk outside. The temperature was the most pleasant it has been in a few weeks, so I couldn’t complain. We have been having really hot and humid weather, which makes it almost like going to hot yoga anyways. It was in the low 70 degrees and cloudy. Perfect for an early morning stroll.

photo 2-2

photo 1

I really couldn’t complain. I would have liked to go to yoga, but I had a nice compromise.

Next time, when I am being contradicted by negative thoughts in my head, I will have to be more aware and push those aside. Overall, I train my thoughts. I more negative thoughts that I allow in, the more they will come.

Stay strong and only keep positive thoughts.

Happy Tuesday!

What ways do you see your mind taking over? Ever taken a hot yoga class? What were your thoughts?




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